Today we talk to webcam model Goth Eden who shares her experiences with how some guys have no idea on how to talk to a webcam model and of course how all guys love sending dick pics to girls, especially webcam models.
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Today we talk to webcam model Goth Eden who shares her experience with selling on Onlyfans & we deep dive into the mental health aspects of being a cam model.
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Selling your nudes anywhere can be a huge task and I didn't even know selling your nudes on Kik was a thing, until now! Selling content on Kik does seem to be an advanced move for a webcam model, something that should be done after you have a bit of experience but once you do, it seems like a GREAT place to sell your content, as Lucy explains in the video.
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Lets discuss the age old debate of which is better for webcam models: Free or Paid Onlyfans Accounts. As a guy, which do you prefer? Do you want to get a taste of the goods before you buy with a free subscription or do you just want the good stuff from the start, so you go for a paid subscription?
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Someone asked about the old gaming videos so I found them and will be uploading them here very soon! Its also got me in the mood to do NEW Pervert Pete stuff so let me know what you want to see Pete do when he comes back!
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All new interviews coming EVERY THURSDAY @ NOON! Featuring webcam models from all genres, sharing their experiences and knowledge with us! Come join us and have some fun with Cam Girl Diaries Podcast!
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The O.G. of Omegle IS BACK!! Before I was a cam girl professor, I was Pervert Pete, Omegle's favorite pervert 😉
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Some webcam models seem to forget that sex work is NOT a competition. You aren't competing with anyone else. Anyone that is willing to pay for your content is paying for YOU. Skinny girls aren't competing with BBW's and that goes for all all genres. Even girls that are similar in size, style, hair color, etc. you aren't competing for the same guys. Well, maybe a little but for the most part, it comes down to personal taste. For instance, if you got two girls, both short brunettes covered in tats, yes they are similar but what is gonna set them apart is what they do and how they portray themselves. You can guarantee no guy is gonna settle for what he thinks is second best. Its whatever the guy likes. Two guys might see those two girls and think completely differently about them.
Point is if you're a cam girl or webcam model, it isn't a competition. It seems a lot of models do work together but if you are one that thinks you shouldn't because of competition, it's time to change that thinking and work with your fellow models. You'll not only gain friends and acquaintances, you'll also gain their experience, expertise and probably collaborate in some way, most likely with shout outs and that can only help you.
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Today we talk to experienced webcam model Lucy Dutch who shares all her tips, tricks, advice and secrets of the webcam modeling world from Onlyfans to Kik! If you're a new cam girl or cam model, this is a great episode for you to learn all kinds of information to help you build your webcam modeling business!

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DM me to be interviewed if you want to not only promote yourself, but also help newer cam models out with tips and advice. Plus, we can make it entertaining too ;)
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