New table at JC......its movable!!!!

Orgy room ready...in you come punters!!

We have a bike park at the club if you do cycle here at no extra cost. 😁

Vanessa Chaland Love to...but my unicycle has a flat tire so... 😁

Hunting for cactus!!! Damn those small pricks!

Its national hug a tree day at the local dogging site!!

Vanessa Chaland Ummm...Got Wood? 😁

Jacuzzi Club Poland Always wood worth handling here!!!😁

Vanessa Chaland Toothpicks aren't really what I call....wood. 🤣

Hi we have had a couple of likes for our new profile cover.....one small issue we had nothing to do with it, and it's the first time we saw it when we viewed the comments......something weird is happening!!

Our local furniture shop has a sale on this weekend. I hope there is money off this as there seems to be bits missing....like pillows!!!

Vanessa Chaland Maybe you should make your own pillows....out of "goat" hair. 🤣 😬

I'm not sure what these girls are looking for, however I dont believe it's in there!!!

Well a few days to recover then more of this...

Time for a game of pool? No? Oh well suit yourselves!!!🙂

Vanessa Chaland Blue balls....corner pocket? 😬

Jacuzzi Club Poland I was aiming for the difficult brown and missed and ended up tapping in the easier pink !