Had a bit of a nip and tuck. Not sure the surgeon knows what he’s doing!

Vanessa Chaland It'll be fine and...it'll ride up with wear. 😁

Jacuzzi Club Poland Never looked better!😃

Happy Bacon Day ya kinky feckers!

Captions please.

Vanessa Chaland "Even though I'm sitting here surrounded by ornate blinged out accouterments and an outerwear snazzy ensemble, I am in fact, not wearing pants". 😁

Jacuzzi Club Poland " Have any of you infidels seen Mincy and Quim my beautiful pet cats?"

Tarquin Mince Is that you under that elaborate garb Vanessa?

Vanessa Chaland @TarquinMince: Do I seem the type that would do "blackface"? 🙂

Don’t mind if I do!

Vanessa Chaland is on my mind with this one.

Jacuzzi Club Poland PS whatever you are bending over looking for I am willing to help pop over and help find it...I have the foraging skills of a truffle hunting pig!!😁

Vanessa Chaland (Mutters to self JCP knows nothing about hunting, or truffles...but got the rest of it correct.) 😬

Jacuzzi Club Poland I feel my advances have been spurned...I shall sulk!🙂

Vanessa Chaland (Sans sex sulking sow sorrowfully spurned?) 😯

Tarquin Mince Frankly I object to the Gofundme idea as I much prefer a full display of Ms Chalands fine derrière.

Happy Bacon Day!

Jacuzzi Club Poland Priorities....good man.😀

Vanessa Chaland Damn "fourinors"....a radiator is what goes in your car. :)

Tarquin Mince If you wore pants then I’m sure you’d dry them on your car radiator.

Happy Bacon Day you kinky scoundrels & vagabonds x

If you go down to the woods today....

Beneath Her boot, in the woods.

Tarquin Mince No idea, it appeared from the bushes and struck me down! 😂