We have forgotten to post on here oopppsss

Join Pet & Adam this Sunday from 8pm for a fun filled show!

They Will be talking about #Findom, yes we know neither of them get it, so if you think could change their minds then call the show from 8pm This Sunday.

Don't forget we have Tickets for Kinky Consent and #TheViceMini to give away so tune in from 8pm This Sunday

Sub Sunday

Jacuzzi Club Poland They share the same beard....!!!😊

Medboy (MB-MKD) Shady characters! 😂

So we have a fantastic prize give away next show Sunday 2nd September from 8pm,

We have #TheViceMini to give away Kindly donated by Locked in Lust, if you win this and don't have a Key Holder don't worry we have the solution, we will send you the device with the padlock but we will send the Keys To Goddess Aveena,

We also have a chance for 3 lucky people to win tickets to kinky Consent

Also don't forget Locked in lusts new Crotch Rocket

Adam & Pet had a fantastic night at Kinky Consent last night, they finally got to meet the legend him self medboy and big supporter of not only our show but all shows on Secret 102.

Thank you to Mistress L & The Kinky Togger for putting on such an amazing party, don't miss it with tickets at only £15 book your now for next month.

Also don't for get your chance to win #TheViceMini from Locked in Lust! Tune in on Sunday 2nd September 2018 8pm-10pm only on Secret 102.

So for one of our prizes for next months show (Sunday 2nd September) Locked in Lust have very kindly donated #TheViceMini so tune in form 8pm to find out how to be in for a chance to win!!!

So the secret prize that you can only find out about on here is..... thanks to pet we have a once in a life time opportunity to give away want to be a Kinky Consent slave for the night???!!!!! Then read how to enter bellow:-

When you her us play Slave For You - Britany Spears Ring or tweet in.

So our next show is going to be full of price give away, DO NOT Miss out. Tune in from 8pm on Sunday 5th August 2018.

Pretty Clemmy I'll be tuning in

Sub Sunday Knew could count on you sissy rascal

Don't forget we have got a fantastic opportunity thanks to pet, want to be a slave at the next Kinky Consent party then tune in from 8pm Sunday 5th August 2018.

Sub Sunday
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